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Hindu Public School is the first project undertaken by Swami Vivekananda Seva Samiti EducationalTrust in 1988

The School is located at Sri Hanuman Devasthanam Temple complex in Sanathnagar.

The area is calm and quiet in spite of being situated amid the Industrial Township of Sanathnagar.

The campus is spaciously spread over, in picturesque with green cover conducive for development of the young buds to bloom.

The school is free from environmental pollution. Because of its proximity to the Temple complex area, a serene atmosphere prevails taking one into a blissful meditative mood.

The school’s Monogram depicting Swamy Vivekananda stands for his ideals, who stood for the cultural revival of Modern India based on our glorious Vedic Tradition. It represents the Knowledge, the Indian spirit and the integrity

Hindu Public School is a warm, creative and invigorating center for a child where

  • Every child gets the attention – She/He deserves.
  • Teacher and students develop an amicable relationship.
  • Experiential activity-oriented learning thrives.
  • Talent development classes are a part of the system.