The school is a self-contained campus with the strong infrastructure necessary to support the academic, co-curricular, extracurricular activities, designed in a way to suit the requirements of the students.

Science Laboratory:

Well equipped science laboratory (physical and biology) for practical classes for students and demonstration by the teachers.


A Well equipped and furnished library with a wide range of books concerning all subjects, reference books, important newspapers, magazines, reading materials (fiction & nonfiction) journals and periodicals to allure the minds of the students. There are approximately 8000 books of different fields for reference as well as lending. A library period is incorporated in the time table to each class each week wherein, the teachers encourage and guide the students to use the ever-growing library facility-Top CBSE Schools


A Well equipped audio-isual aid to make the teaching-learning process interactive and interesting. The Laboratory is equipped with K-Yan (a multipurpose computer system with projectors), CDs, DVDs, to cater to the curricular needs of students and teachers. It lends tremendous support to the learning process because teachers use the visual impact of educational CDs to make understanding easier.

Mathematics Laboratory:

This Laboratory is used for hands on activities using the concepts learnt in the theory class.

Language Laboratory:

This Language Laboratory is used for speaking, listening and pronunciation skills and activities. Listening to value-based recordings help to enhance the language skills amongst the students.

Computer Lab:

Computer Laboratory: - Computer education is compulsory from Class I onwards. The school has an air-conditioned lab equipped with more than 40 systems, a tie with NIIT to impart quality computer education manned by qualified computer faculty trained by NIIT, and also a course designed by NIIT with a par to CBSE.

Work Experience:

Resource persons from Print Media (THE HINDU PAPER) also take up work experience classes as a part of NIE programmed, through different modules like speaking skills, behavioral skills, public speaking, career counseling, life skills a feeling of Team Spirit, self-esteem, the dignity of labor are inculcated in students. Minimum of one hour is devoted every week for these classes.

School Press:

School opted membership of Papyrus Club manned by Deccan Chronicle to publish Campus bulletin regularly.

Student’s Involvement:

A student prefectural board is constituted to involve them in planning, organizing, and implementing all the activities with guidance from teachers, thus inculcating in them leadership qualities and a sense of responsibility towards their school and themselves.


A fleet of about 17 buses for the safety of the students owned by the Management is maintained by the vehicle maintenance.