Other Activities

Additional Help classes 3 to 4 p.m. students who require more than normal time to complete their tasks, who need additional input in any subject are given extra care and are helped during this period.

Enrichment Special need classes: Children talented in specific subjects are identified and given special coaching to excel in the subject.

Psychological Counselling: for students who need counseling for Learning problems, attitude and behavior problems which demand patient handling are regularly undertaken by the Principal.

Medical Checkup: The school has a good local hospital arrangement to meet the emergencies. Medical officers are engaged for periodical health checkups of students. Wholesome relationships between teachers, children, and parents form the core of Hindu Public School.

Excursions: Local as well as outstations excursions are arranged annually in October / November for all classes for recreational as well as educational purposes.

Competitions:Inter-house / Interschool competitions in Literary, cultural, Quiz, Essay writing, Debate, painting dance, music fields are regularly organized to inculcate competitive qualities in the students.

Clubs: To inculcate the habit and to enhance the skills for purposeful cause students are guided and encouraged to opt any one activity club of their choice and be the member of one of the following clubs. This club membership period is incorporated in the regular curriculum time table and students are trained exclusively according to the club option.

  • Arya Bhatta Club (Science)
  • Shakespeare Club (Drama)
  • Arjuna Club (Sports)
  • Kalidasa Club (Languages)
  • Bhaskara Club ( Mathematics)
  • Maneka Club (Dance)
  • Kokila Club (Singing )

The school encourages children to participate in T.V. and Radio Programmes Educational as well as recreational

Parents: – Teacher Interaction: Parents are requested to sign the student’s Diary every day as a mark of acknowledgment. Every Second Saturday parents are permitted to meet the teachers to discuss their wards between 8.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. Classes are suspended on that day.

Meet with the Principal: Parents may meet the Principal between 3 to 5 p.m. on all working days. All the genuine grievances must be brought to the notice of the Principal.

Parents are requested not to disturb the Principal during the school working hours.