The school curriculum and evaluation system for these classes are based on the guidelines set by the Central Board of Secondary Education-CBSE.

In the CBSE pattern of Testing, the emphasis is given for concept understanding and application – only rote learning is not encouraged. To enhance understanding of concepts, the learning program at Hindu Public School is more interactive, activity-based and innovative and creative processes are used.

The program for the Primary section is informal within the curriculum framework and is designed to ensure the students get ample opportunities to enjoy themselves. The children of the first and Second class are encouraged to leave their books and the weight of the bag in the school itself. Homework for this section is in the form of assignments.


  • Varied Activity-based Learning
  • Fostering of 4c’s- Curiosity, creativity conversation and concept understanding and application.
  • Emphasis on understanding concepts and application
  • Continuous on-going evaluation through regular assessment of participation and performance in classwork, Homework, weekly, Monthly a terminal Assessment worksheets & other activities.
  • Language skills for effective communication
  • Enhancement and Development of self-help resources and interpersonal skills.
  • Maths, Science and Social Projects
  • Introduction to Computers
  • The Middle and Secondary school program is more formal in its structure. The transition from the Primary stage is carefully planned according to the CCE program suggested by CBSE BOARD so that the students develop the habit of systematic work. The methodology adopted at this level of education focuses on interactive approach through interactive teaching method, Lab activities, Projects, activity-based assignments, hands on activities, etc.
    Fostering intellectual, Academic Rigour and Regular study habits. And this is evaluated through regular class and home assignments, continuous assessments, projects, weekly, monthly, end-of-the term assessment. Since the assessment is continuous and comprehensive, the students need to be in regular touch with the lessons done at the school, the objective is to assess the student’s understanding of the subject and the ability to apply knowledge rather than to memorize. Monitoring regular school and home study and progress with feedback sessions to parents.